What is iteration variable in visual programming & what is the use of iteration variable?

The iteration variable will represent as a different array element with each slope iteration okay no need to increment or counter for an index also okay now any index anything but in the previous that example we wanted the index source here you use here index is the score, but there is now any increment for each sorry for it there is no increment no index anything and here you can okay increment or a counter or for the index also only eating cream as a look you can use them for each this is also repetition we can use there’s a loop orange okay the array classes base array process that targets the common language runtime and you can use the more power is available with the minimal any number any element you can search where is the position okay 6.8 you only charge the 6.8 values where which position then it is returned for the display the two-second third element is two there are third elements then this is the way we can have some method okay in free time okay.

Now you have more free time you are in the home, okay you can do it again I will do it in the class also okay now you can do this one why is that okay you can change that number or anything then you can analyze this is the way you can study you can study here is a search system that’s the object value what is the value here is that my index array dot binary search this is the array water depth is the name of the array x that’s the index x okay my index is x then consumer index is 6 here is x 6.8 something then my index you can find where is the position this one wonderful is that clear system of array okay in the first index and in length number of and you’re going to clear the sum values okay length of the go to the first index to go the length of the position it’s a column create a copy of berry now you can see here water depth three elements are their w is a new double three number of elements and three elements.

Then you can copy the same value for that w w is the double to object dot call water depth dot column mean the copy is um then w also now is the three elements are there okay then you can use the copy method also copy then copy to the array because here is the column means the continuous it is the same array you can copy another you can keep it that is the array now you can see here array first index source then system array target array first index of target array length to copy then now you can keep it okay we want to copy to this two-element last two elements okay here three elements are totally three enemies are last two elements then we can start whether there is a find index source okay first index source first index or first array and first index source we can use poster one after the length of the array here is the length to copy 2 then we can copy that is the 3.5 and 6.8.

But nowhere is the array. Copy for quarter depth is a zero index first element going to copy it to start to first element there to copy for the w is the new any new array w and this again starts zero indexes up to three number of elements the three okay let’s do copy the first index target okay this is the method then you can okay memorize this line this is the government sister diary is the first array name okay array name then first index source that’s initiative which starts the first element at index this is a target array there’s a where we create the new array w and target index first index docker okay someday you can assign volume this is the second element you want to keep it like then you can use the two now you can increase the number of arrays therefore here are several arrays of four then you can keep it okay first is the empty like a second up to three okay another three-element there’s a copy okay.

This is the way index, okay the index method you can display that that is a particular array is the unknown okay I say array dot index water left 3.5 then consider dry line i then you can get the lesser one okay this is the worst index if you return minus one there is no value, okay then index of already we study for the index of method in the string we can check any particular character or number of words, okay particular characters covered in inside the text or string text or string and index of that’s the way if you get that value is the one this is all the same here is a display one return minus one there is no value found in the array been not found in that way minus one okay last induction you can find whether what is the last index object value okay we can find that last index of Sn 2.4 where i that’s the third-fourth element okay reverse already the array is there, but that is not in the ascending order descending order this is the reverse.

You can start for the last element first and before last element second that’s like one line you can reverse order that’s also possible that’s a method is there then set the value you can put some in their okay values set value inside that array okay that’s the index location which location want to put the new value already array is there okay for one day here is the 50 and zero then the first element want to change for the two-point four two okays instead of the 15 sorry 55 then it changed here 55 3.5 6.8 and also you can short okay then sir usually short for that is the ascending order, okay the heading for the method that includes the array as a parameter okay this here is to modify return type and identify is there a method is a function the function type was inside the parameter you can pass the array also then you can pass the number of element values without array only pass one values.

But in here is the array type then you get several values you can pass any more than one number of value you can pass more than one okay this is modified is the private also so like then return type that’s an integer type identify the name of the function this is the type here in a square bracket is a one-dimensional array the reality okay open and close the sphere bracket are cured there’s a thing if you without that thing that is the only normal variable parameter as a normal variable but if you use the square bracket then you can know that this is the array type of the parameter array type.

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