What are the approaches in Python for taking the input?

We have only one approach in Python 3 to take the input how many approaches are there only one approach is there what is that approach here by using what only input function only which function by using input function right that’s it so tell me in Python 2 how many ways are there to take the input here to this input raw input whatever Python 3 to take the input only one function is there that is called input function right that setter but in Python 3 what is the behavior of the input function means the Python 3 input will act as raw input of Python Python 3 input function will act as which format rye input of water Python 2 whatever dry input of Python 2 what is wrong input of Python do it will take the date in which format string format right it will take the data in string format means in Python 3 the input function it will take the data it will use formatted string format right.

We will use format a string format Python 3 input function will act as Python 2 line border Ryan put will take which data only string data python 3 input function also will take which data string data right that’s it I hope you clear right good tell me how many ways are there to take them into from the keyboard in Python 2 we have 2 ways whatever to Vassar hmm respond input function under raw input function will take any type of data which type we enter that type will be stored whatever try to input a high input will take the data in Norwich format a string of format but Python 3 to take the input only we have one approach what approach your input function the input function it will take just like rye imported it means what in Python 3 input function it will take the input in which formatter string format right that said that cleaner that is a way how to take the input from what this Python 2 and Python.

So based on these two of these functions I’ll leave you some practical things right happens so in this video we’ll discuss I put the videos regarding the Indian book so as I said how many ways are there to take the input from the keyboard here two ways right put a quays input function under or input function right so to do the practicals I am opening a little software they + go to the file menu click on I want the Java fa blabs if you PR that sir simply can go to the others right you have let me click on of this let me click on what that’s right others they will here with all of my done right you have to find them simply click on water okay right that sector no Python window will be opened right here you can take your data so I said it’s a comment half is a comment how many ways are they to take it for you to this is a good the second one is water right whatever what it would here very good function it will take the data any type of dinner any type of data.

This means if we enter the string data it will be to string them if enter the invigilator it will be this it will be the water in do if you enter the flow that it will be the flood line good comment the line to function that Ryan could function you takes the data in for various training for not right that’s like that so how many ways are there to take that idea to this input on Ryan four-five that’s like that okay so let me know if an obligation regarding input function job so through the obligation this you so here you can go for the Python so what I say here it is down to inverse effect but it is not to him was so no it is not to number side that’s like that then how would that add to them goes I take in the number one acquire two ways of its function here I’m thinking of input function, so input off see where they can read the message and first Nemo and half a stream so then I’d like to enter the first limbo.

So then here you can prefer the number two equal work by using input function if they can go forth and enter what does me a second number right that’s right up and two second time I think you know me number zoom two numbers wide and I take in the addition No so here adding for it oh so number one plus water come up to write that Center radical no one was number two then simply can go for the filter so print off oh yeah you should actually how to print that fabric so here we can write a ratio equal to comma NASA that’s it that is an addition of two numbers such it’s two numbers if you want and they say this obligation faster control this drop will this be let me say this one here so to say the obligation I’m using want first to drive by right so they can you be free Wi-Fi to your fire asset faster data pyrite that center so you know pops got my unfinished obligation so I open the command prompt, so there is a complication here local is the e right Cola then W.

So how to do on this code here to another course implicit go for the Python file in here a straight on-time finite that setter didn’t read asking first number and her first member so I entered indeed well that means it takes a little format you’re here for the match it is so much room 30 right you got one more point here actually here the basis also printing right because I’m using Python 2.7 generally I’m using Python 2.7 so but I run 2.7 without phrase sauce it is working fine the progress also is working fine but in the Python 3 to bring to the table now we must write this code inside the braces on like falsified translator so if you won’t let me run this code here okay front row this is the first case what it is taking here if you are putting in value it takes a native format India 400 at me run one comment and possible this program is 10.5 20.4 then it is village Foreman here dismal for nitrite God likes only for the string guitar.

String data means you automation exclusively rather and here passing water then W, in this case, London unlike translator what it means here if you have the integer value it will take much for matter integer if you enter the string data it will take it in am sorry flotilla this thing of rotator if you have a spring rate it will be huge for matter in straight format right that’s like that, for example, you know first dark my enter a number and read daily view and enter the ten-point five this is which one right here one is the integer one is a dismal night so because one is an integer other is abysmal both are branch which pattern number water it means what is combined the same heritage right it is possible to combine what same way related data right thanks, Ida, for example, let me run once again I entered 10 Randy here I interpreter so habitually radium string Raymond right but n is the integer numeric value belongs to number daily life are belonging today.

Once number daily that means you have saturated a from string rainy night in Python it is not possible to compare two different any types saying error message read redness is your unseen software over in spy from plus operator integer and 1 string right can set up three arrays the point song so if you empty the data it takes which for minor in here for much if enter the spring greater it takes which form and a spring format like that clear so if you enter the port number they didn’t dig a basement me two days ago theta.

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