Let’s talk about the web based technology.

We will talk about some important things about web design website imagine web systems web-based systems I think uh discussing on so we have this web-based technology we have World Wide Web the internet responsive web design and then the HTML HyperText Markup Language first is the web-based technology so if we talk about web-based technology it is uh technology among a system that like you utilize technology or video conferencing for electronic mail those are web-based technology so internet through a web browser like when i say web browser young again on Google Chrome and Mozilla okay World Wide Web knowing to imagine, so a computer one point of computers connected to another computer to another computer to another computer or when we say we could also say some computer languages local area network connected some local area network connected metropolitan computer networks that were what i web-based technology.

So information through the internet so a connection of computers or local networks or wide area networks or metropolitan networks so your foreign young since smartphones are um small version of a computer of all of your desktop computers I mean so laptops tablets those are other devices that could be considered as a computer, so those devices have IP address resources from one point of the World Wide Web to the other point of the World Wide Web so union so Alibaba if this connection has at this point has an IEP john is address okay so every node uh worldwide web my IP address my account my surrealist IP web on the internet is the component of web-based technology okay videos or pictures or other I like some, for example, emails or other documents but nothing handle you know from one point of the IP address of a network or computer or device in access, okay web pages or applications web applications internet send and receive information and images photos documents or emails.

So union uh web programmer web designer manga MagaƱa dance interface has been a published national World Wide Web accessible chatroom internet so union cab and web-based technology okay so technology um technology oh it’s even software-based technology developer web programmer web designer so so again web-based technology is systems or applications nanagagamitmo through internet accessible from any point of the club or the world because the server is always online and is connected or can be accessed through the internet that is the concept of the World Wide Web how can we access the server is through IP address some dilemma is how can we memorize this IP address dummy numbers so Albanian one two three plus three plus three nine ten eleven numbers so maybe eleven or twelve numbers is foreign years in the also responsive web design that is good for computers with big monitor screens so my smartphone my tablet my battery buying sizes design but my foreign young.

So I hope um shortcuts pages groups friends sponsored advertisements it a website or non-web application through their smartphones smartphone smartphones my um web design through the example definition, so the definition of the HyperText Markup Language is hypertext is the method by which you move around the web link by clicking on special text called hyperlinks which bring you to the next page or for example menu the fact that it is hyper just means it is not linear you can go to any place on the internet whenever you want by clicking on links there is no seating order to do the things in okay, so the markup is what HTML tags do to the text inside them, so the market has a certain type of text a tile is eye sticks or for example okay, so the HTML is a language as it has code-words and syntax like any other language okay hypertext means hyperlinks or the hyperlinks.

You can navigate from one place or one point to another point from one page to another page one uh web page to the next web page okay from uh one address to the next address, so that is the concept of hypertext the markup is the HTML tags so paramount Indiana the web by clicking on special text called hyperlinks so hyperlink Shan obtained hyperlinks okay so, for example, to police claim accidental discharge witness heard two to three shots and play the shooting website can I click this link claim accidental discharge with this network it is which can bring you to the next page the fact that it is hyper it just means it is not linear you can go to any place on the internet whenever you want by clicking on the links, so there is no set order to do things HTML or markup in opening um untitled anybody to HTML okay HyperText Markup Language so, for example, try not to know go to google hyperlink a decent website that gives decent tutorials or exam and examples or explanations.

How to become a web developer web designer web programmer so here at w3schools.com as you can see there are a lot of topics and from the the the side learn HTML learn CSS bootstrap so is about uh web development so from the main page of w3 schools click on learn HTML go and so this is a pretty decent website where you can learn about HTML, not just HTML but the other part of the web development or web base the web-based technology development HTML quiz website how about HTML in HTML so what is HTML gender menu explanation yeah and explained and already tutorials point so well anyway I will try to include the links of this to the website in the description of this video HTML foreign, so technology is any addresses resources web systems or applications that you can access using the internet that is over based technology in a technology that uses the internet that is web technology university world.

When we say World Wide Web it’s about the connections of different networks can one man using the internet to it looks like a regular spider web and those connections use IP addresses so that the user could access resources from any point of these nodes in the World Wide Web gamut young IP address wikipedia.org your responsive designer man is about interface some website or some webpage or some web application device like smartphone tablet laptop desktop computers netbook, okay HyperText Markup Language is your new programming language images or some links other website or another web page.

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