How can you put the servers on network?

In a server we usually put the servers right um yeah I think this one yeah this one also serves this is also servers so in some racks we can put switches only right so then we call it a network rack uh then we call a request servers as a server rack right but usually you can see it’s the rack is almost the same right it’s a cabinet it’s its the standard size right so the width the width of the rack as you can see here uh it’s standard size right with the height height can be different height of the rack can be different uh you know we can say these are I think around 40 or 42 you something like that right so uh can you see this one of these these switches or these units this is one one uh so if you take one of these right one unit this is called one u right so you add up uh and you get how many uh use this rack is so I think this is close to 40 40 to you something right so you can put uh up to that amount of uh devices in um say for you then you can put up to that amount of devices right.

If you put uh closely like this if you install very closely sometimes you have to have some kind of distance like this maybe to run cables here at the bottom you can see some cables right so sometimes you might have to have some room for the putting the cables, uh then you can’t fix like this right so uh yeah there are smaller ones also right this is a network cabinet which is fixed to the wall right, so there are many this is I think seven eight nine about 10 new or tell you this one right so all these features two switches are connected here I think this is 10 new right um so here if you take one switch this height is the normal uh one new size right if you take one switch this is one you right so then you add up and the modern uh these cabinets the numbers are put here right one two three four like that um yeah so here uh just connected two switches right so you have to use short cables also here right otherwise uh there is will be no room to put the cables.

When you have to close this lid right so you have to put smaller cables here when connecting so yeah this is a server rack I think the height is less than what I showed earlier but you know there are different heights okay, so this is a 40 u 42u server rack right so you can see the height right so 19 inches that are uh the width I told you it’s a standard size the reason these are standard is that uh you know servers track mounted servers and switches rack-mounted switches are built to that size standard size right so if you don’t have a standard size rack then you cannot fix right so and you know this okay, so the height is 42 you that is that doesn’t matter, but this width is a standard with 19 inches right usually they uh when you buy they have mentioned uh this width as well 19 inches right and this depth the depth of the cabinet also there are two uh two types right.

If you are installing just switches like this right then you you don’t need uh because the switches they are not very long right at the I mean the width of not the width the length of the uh to the back right the size they are small right so if you are using a server rack to install switches only right this uh this depth you can get a smaller one but if you are installing servers will be the depth uh is quite a big right if you take it, uh I will show you and this is also a normal cabinet yeah it has wheels also so the height it can be different right you can get a smaller one now you can get a big one if you are going to put a lot of servers or switches then you can get a know high one like this the side panels also can be removed right you can see here there are two uh covers here sometimes this will be one panel you have to remove then it will be a bit heavy right so you can remove these covers to make uh the installation of you know hard disk sorry server.

So features easy right but you normally keep this closed the side panels right so even in this you can see the side panel can be removed both sides right so okay this is an image of an okay blades right this blade servers yeah you have you know like smaller server uh servers as well as this nowadays right, so these are separate server units you don’t get all the parts in here right you might get the CPU ram uh hard disks, uh will be will not be included in this server right it will be separate that is why this server unit is small so you know when you go to virtual servers you have to have some a set of physical servers like this right then when a server goes down you can you know remove like a hard disk right, so this is bigger than a hard disk you can see uh it’s a small server unit right, so there can be several server units where you can create a virtual server you might have heard of these words virtual server.

So if you take one server unit there can be more than one OS running in there as a virtual server right if you take one physical server there can be two three four, uh virtual servers running in the same server right that is how it is used nowadays because uh if you know saves a lot of uh because from one device if you can run like four OS right or virtual servers right we call them virtual servers because it’s virtual right so using one physical server we can run more than one virtual server right then we have tools to manage those virtual servers and so on right, so this is also called as a blade server and then if you look at this image right, so this is the railing I told you about right, so this is one new server right you can see the size or height is very small in this server right so yeah these are sometimes also called blade service right so they take less amount of space in the rack.

But you know when the server is small right the fans are also will be small right then it will be a lot of noise when the fans are running right because uh small fans running at high speed it makes noise right so when the server is bigger and the fan size is also big then okay you know the theory right when the fan size becomes bigger you don’t have to rotate the fan at a higher speed to get the volume of air in a small fan to get the same volume of air through the devices we have to run it at a high-speed right but if you take a large fan then it can be run at a slow speed, but the same amount of air will be passing through the components right and it will be much cooler and quieter right so if you take this kind of uh smaller servers it will be definitely noisy right so yeah see so you see a lot of um racks here to these the, uh it seems to be open racks because they are not closed right usually uh yeah, so the sides are open, so these are open racks.

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