How can you change any Static variable to the classic variable?

Static variable to the classic variable C is right to variable a scrappy then you can see the result I function the name of the function is implement right then we declared the variable as a study and then displayed a variable state we have another variable that is increased by man – you can get here right started from 0 0 then again we all finished three times then 0 1 2 that is the result 0 1 2 because you pretended disagrees why God took these three function three times finding the function three times you can with the results 0 1 to learn the difference between local variable and the static variable you write within the fashion okay with this ready clear evil the example you might just run until we go to the last these lights right we are getting never work we have 40 minutes we can complete the presentation today there are the functions than an expedient factor for forms of the PHP before the IATA that $5 night that is better.

And you can just go through the slides and come we depend on for the class the next one till now see if you were on display Oh this entire takes you and we see the website see where there are how many there are out of pages in one document right then the how to display the entire huge retakes in the fifth page it right yes once I decide the echo statement and explain we have several pages another paragraph number pages you would display – a way to write the entire text using PHP coding before that is them here Doc’s index you see here the silicates to allow people to easily write in a large amount of takes the PHP then you see how we can write a large amount of text every time yes echo statement and lines are male you won’t write the decline like question IT one by one they write their way to display the entire page is several pages.

We write you see here dog Felix right then we write the head of the scene takes to display the – amount of fixed there are some rules to go through I will see how you can write numerous text they are several key things to note about million obscene things the identifier for the opening and closing here knocks it’s example yo t whatever the identifier must be I did because right you can write any identifier as starting and opening and closing syntax it should be identical it should be same right your T either ABC whatever texture item within these identifiers the example I will show the example we have right now see here in the example one we have the PHP coding starting one right PHP coding then we assign the variable equal right then these are the identifiers which I have mentioned at the first point identifier he or T either ABC whatever identifier should be identical.

So opening and closing within the entire text opening while your tea to enforce of in the same identifier right a or T if right they busy here you think that we arrived in the entire text then we see what is the next one the identifier for the closing your duck’s index must be located at the beginning of the line either close in here dog minty fresh the close in one this one it should be started with the beginning of the line you can’t keep the space and write the T right should start with the beginning of the line here we write the variable equal to VM e right that simple has a record and starting there he adopts syntax hi the third point in front of the identifier for opening here dogs index you need to use triple left angle records okay now you can see here the first opening of them and here dachshund Vic’s you use the variable equal right to left angle reflects the instructor.

Identifier then after that you can write the entire page number of pages before and in with the same identifier with the semicolon and to get the resulting right they posted one at the variable it will display the entire text we have within that identify let me see what other things we have variable substitutions issues in PHP which means you do it I do need to escape dollar symbols if you do not a PHP will attempt wherever replacement right then see that if you write the dollar symbol I did you write the dollar simple it will take as a variable is the second example you can see we have defined a variable name right if you write within the identifier this entire text with the variable name it will give them a defined variable okay okay then what is the next one you can use you are delimited anyway are in the text but not in the first column of the new Lisa.

I think I’ll start with the new line at the end of the string just type the delimiter within no space around it a lot of various semicolons in the state right followed – semicolon right that is the end of the statement semicolon and those are things form rules we have here – like the entire text will write only one line didn’t say we had to write the variables in entire takes you can just pop you from somewhere and paste within this I did find there are other rules to be followed then you can see the entire failure so entire paragraphs you can improve within this identify I can write this first one to see example on the one line we have here there to write the air ducts in takes the main ID I do you start with the variable and triple axel record and then only you start the identifier right after that right that takes you to want to display than in pick the same identifier can you understand Esther.

How to write the latch or a big number of paragraphs – several fixed with the PHP coordinate is because the DN eccentrics I tried the first example and then you can understand how it works first and second on the variable is different we have defined the variable before the beforehand identifier also we have the same variable name right finish I just wanted our last night I cast like that for counter no need you can this same as the previous one for fun BL the number of lines here right then variable define my string with the equal sign and table left angle bracket and just no need to write the OT every time in the flight just ABC differently and in fire, you can write here and the end of the take saucer-eyed the same identifier then the these are the lines if you write the double quote and this also you can use variables you can use the variables also right if you define the variable you can receive.

How we will be known footage will be properly covered to their values these are the takes normally you can write then here the output you see if a statement you write down out there are all the entire text we define SMI string it will display right but if you here we have you some important tech that protects free time here by whose pre-formatted taxa nĂ© HTML you have to use the preformatted text to your output in a formatting way in for meeting me otherwise is just without 300 takes you can see there is a bit the right though text here as it is if you want to fight there takes you to override the pre-formatted text right before the PHP coding in NAFTA PHP code here I invited starting a thing and they’re closing prepare then whatever the way you write the entire paragraph which you displayed as it is I will write identifier the ending of the identifier it should be charged the separate line and starting point see the space before started ending.

But identifier T or T or whatever they identify a handy when it is starting line of the starting line you should write this identify the right answer for the fourth one yes matter okay now can you understand how to write the entire page or number of pages very quickly you’re showing issues I have is the Preakness just read acts have to use this committee regarding the functions and this, at last, we have a number I hear Doc’s index infections madam yeah as computer programming languages people do PHP also having private functions just like things private public is like global functions [Applause] yeah just like that if we declare a function inside one-page on-page or one document that can we access it by another page can be accessed okay madam, so that means We have to use include and embed the program that the code tag right okay manner thank you one right any other fictions okay.

Now can you understand how to write the entire page or several pages very quickly so any issues I didn’t have to use the bleep okay decision regarding the functions and this, at last, we have rounded a yield of syntax infections madam yeah as computer programming languages Pete just PHP also having private functions just like things private public is like global functions yeah just like that if we declare a function inside one page or one document can we access it by another page can be accessed okay well, so that means we have to use include then embed the program that the code tag right?

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